Adam Milner - Echo Chamber detail
Adam Milner
Echo Chamber detail
  • the way my brother smelled growing up; gallery blankets and tables; perhaps a fly—

    ink on vinyl on hair on paper; two Tangles with plasticine; pumice stone; two wishbones (I got the wish once!); dead mistletoe; metal; glitter and enamel on Peachie-O on Estēe Lauder Re-Nutriv crème lid; ink on paper in wooden frame (for Genevieve Miller, third grade love); again; ink on paper; chewed gum on a toy I never wanted; clog from a blocked drain on box lid; enamel on leaf; hair from the last time I cut my own (November 30, 2010); styrofoam; rock; crutch handle; plastic rock; two owl figurines; candles from Duomo di Padova (someone else’s prayer and one unused); mussel shell with enamel; iPhone 6 packaging; sand from White Sands National Monument; IKEA plant I asked someone to watch die for me (with glaze); wasp nest component; sea urchin–

    vinyl on hair on paper; galena from that first date; wisdom tooth from someone I loved; copy of lover’s wisdom tooth in pure silver; another wisdom tooth from the same mouth; concrete from the wall of the Clyfford Still Museum; glass shell for my sister by Vittorio Constantini; body hair in acrylic box under pink apophyllite; ghost Peeps; fortune cookie which contained no fortune; napkin from a first date; cherry stem tied by the mouth of a stranger; bronze; plastic; taxidermy eyes; paper ball which seems to have been something else until it got wet (I remember it was special but can’t remember why); childhood journal key on fluorite from that first date; ink on paper in frame; wasp or bee (I’m never sure); belly button lint and scotch tape on paper; polymer clay and enamel on fused baby oysters; Live rock from Bed Bath and Beyond; copies in beeswax; moth; wig from a woman who died before we could meet; frame; Pet Rock; cast iron; glass and a fig leaf and 23 sutures from my head (I'll show you the scars, if you'd like); ink on marbleized paper; chewed paper–

    a drawing made in the event of a particularly disconcerting breakup (lover’s fingernails, vinyl, dead flowers, and scotch tape on paper, in wooden frame); eye cream sample containers; drag queen accessory; great grandmother’s bird; great grandmother’s bird protected with plasticine; wax; broken owl figurine; owl pellet with pocket gopher remains; chewed paper; ink on paper in wooden frame; scotch tape on belly button lint on paper; paper, concrete, nail polish, spray paint; plastic rock; candy wrapper; cast plastic; cast beeswax; taxidermy tongues; exact replica of the moon the night we kissed (in cast aluminum); wig stands; marzipan; plastic blackberry; false eyelashes on oak; two owl figurines; drag queen fingernail on dehydrated lemon; plaster–
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