Adam Milner - Nowhere Voyage (from Cruising Studies)
Adam Milner
Nowhere Voyage (from Cruising Studies)
  • HD video (looping) and various artifacts (found and recreated)

    Video stills and installation images from Nowhere Voyage (from Cruising Studies) exhibited at NOW? NOW! at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, July-August, 2015.

    In November last year, Adam Milner went on the first-ever cruise organized by Grindr, a mobile app that calls itself a "gay, same sex, bi social network," and uses location services to connect users to one another for immediate, physical meet-ups.

    The cruise, Milner writes: "conflated the digital and physical modes of queer encounters, taking the digital networked experience one step further and giving it a physical place, or more accurately, a non-place." Drawing from an anthropological perspective of participatory observation, Milner performed inside the experience as well as outside of it, as he documented it and created a non-linear film and set of objects that recount and examine the phenomenon.
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